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In accordance with art.13 of Law Decree D.Lgs.196/2003
Law Decree D. Lgs. N°196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Regulations) establishes the right to safeguard the way personal data are processed, which must be carried out according to principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and so as to protect the confidential nature of such data and the ensuing rights. The text of the law and the relative documentation are available on the web site www.garanteprivacy.it, which can be freely accessed for consultation and to which you are referred for further information about the individual articles listed below in this privacy statement.
The personal data collected for purposes concerning the activities of the www.matrix-srl.com web site, i.e. purchases made within the scope of business relations, will or may be processed in compliance with the above mentioned law. The aforementioned personal data will be processed in compliance with the formalities indicated in art. 4 paragraph 1 lett.a) of Law Decree D. Lgs. 196/2003, which, amongst other matters, establishes that the data must be processed in a lawful way, collected and recorded for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes.

Data processing means collection, recording, organising, preserving, processing, modifying, selecting, extracting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, notifying, disclosing, cancelling and destroying the data or the combination of two or more of these operations.

The main characteristics of data processing are the following:
1. PURPOSE of data processing: generally purposes concerning reciprocal obligations created by customer/supplier relations and for fulfilling the obligations established by law and by the regulations, also of a secondary nature, which are applicable to the business relations themselves, and/or for business communications concerning the productions of Matrix srl.
2. PROCESSING METHOD: the data are processed with both automated tools and on paper and they are kept for the time required to carry out the purposes for which they were collected. The data are processed by suitable tools that ensure the data remain confidential and safe.
3. NATURE OF THE WAY THE DATA ARE COLLECTED AND CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR REFUSAL TO PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL DATA: It is only obligatory to provide the sole data required for fulfilling the obligations established by law (fiscal, and for accounting, social security and civil law purposes). However, your failure to provide certain, non-obligatory data, could, partly or fully, prevent us from fulfilling our contractual obligations or other relative obligations.
4. MAILING: The personal data used by Matrix srl for the purposes of commercial promotion are obtained from various sources, some of which can be freely accessed, others whose access is restricted and/or subject to payment, but always in compliance with the relative laws. The following list of particular sources is by no means limiting:
- data banks of trade-fair catalogues (Vinitaly Verona, etc…)
– web sites of various Italian provinces (www.piemondo.it, etc…)
– specific sites of the wine-making industry (www.winecountry.it, etc…)

Your personal data may be processed by the party in charge of processing, by his/her colleagues and by the following parties:
1. by studios, professional persons, organisations and consortia that provide our company with processing services or that carry out activities instrumental to these, particularly our legal advisors and consultants in general;
2. by insurance companies, brokers, experts, air and railway companies, travel agencies, leasing or vehicle hire companies, enterprises that issue credit cards, banks, customers and suppliers and, generally, all those third parties that need to process your data in order to enable you to accomplish your normal work;
3. by parties whose right to access your personal data is recognised by laws or secondary or European Union regulations, or by collective contracts;
4. by parties to which/whom notification of personal data is necessary or in any case required for managing the business/labour relations.

The parties belonging to the categories to which the data may be notified will process them in their capacity as persons in charge of data processing, in accordance with the Law and in full autonomy, being unrelated to the original processing carried out by our company.

We also reserve the right, during relations with third parties who/which provide us with services on a continuous basis, particularly professional persons, to nominate them as our appointees, in accordance with art.9 of the Law in question.

As established by art.7 of Decree Law D.Lgs. 196 / 2003, you may at any time exercise your rights in relation to the party in charge of data processing.

No personal data concerning users is acquired by the website in this regard.

No cookies are used to transmit personal information, nor are so-called persistent cookies or user tracking systems implemented.

Use of the so-called session cookies – which are not stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear upon closing the browser – is exclusively limited to the transmission of session ID's – consisting of server-generated casual numbers – as necessary to allow secure, effective navigation.

The so-called session cookies used by this website make it unnecessary to implement other computer techniques that are potentially detrimental to the confidentiality of user navigation, whilst they do not allow acquiring the user's personal identification data.

The party in charge and responsible for data processing is MATRIX srl, - via Vivaldi, 16/18 – 42043 Gattatico (RE) – with the following addresses: e-mail: info@matrix-srl.com - tel. 0522 900974
fax 0522 908858– web site: www.matrix-srl.com

Gattatico, 29/05/2015 MATRIX srl
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