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How is it possible to respect the H.A.C.C.P. rules (to avoid chipped bottles necks, rubber particles inside the bottles, to reduce the noise level…)?
CHIPPED NECKS: Matrix’s filling valves are at single pipe diam. 7 mm (competitors are using valves at double pipe diam. 14-15 mm).
Filling valves are equipped with plastic mobile centering bells that lean on bottles before lifting, granting a good centering and excluding any risk to chip the bottle necks.
RUBBER PARTICLES INSIDE BOTTLES: as far as the risk that rubber pieces could fall inside the bottles, Matrix fillers are equipped with stainless steel deflectors (i/o rubber ones), furthermore the filling valves are devoid of dynamic gaskets, there is just a membrane, the rotary joint (rotative version) is WITHOUT rubber dynamic gaskets (which usually mean remarkable wear) but equipped with mechanical seals with double ceramics plates.
NOISE: Matrix has developed a vacuum pump control system able to contain the level noise under a max. value of 80-85 Db.
How is it possible to reduce the time of bottle change over size?
Matrix has applied the 3 T concept (no tools, no time, no technicians) consisting in rapid release bottle change system without any adjustment.
Turrets height is electrically adjustable as well the bottle level, that could be changed even whist machine is running and upon request it could be set according to temperature of product to be filled.
The centering bells’ cam lifts-up automatically with filler.
The filling recipes (pre-evacuation, filling and self-levelling times) are recalled on panel and controlled by PLC.
How is it possible to reduce the maintenance times?
TECNA filling system simplifies machine frame remarkably, allowing to control the valves pneumatically by means of PLC.
It is nowadays ascertained that the reliability of electronic-pneumatic solutions is considerably greater than those mechanical ones.
No any opening push-buttons or mechanical actioning are installed on TECNA system, therefore no risk of brokerage exists… WHAT DOES NOT EXIST, IT DOES NOT BREAK!!
Machine basement and safety guards are designed to achieve a considerably accessibility on lower part where motorization and electrical box containing electro-valves are positioned.
How is it possible to reduce water consumption?
DURING PRODUCTION ... Matrix has developed a new system for high vacuum production, necessary for the pre-evacuation inside empty bottles before the filling, which allows to reduce the water consumptions of 90% in respect of the traditional systems.
The vacuum group feeds either the filler or the capper (if foreseen).
How is it possible to perform a good machine sanitization, reducing the time and the intervention of operators?
The sanitization of fillers mod. TECNA is one of the most important characteristics of this system, due to the following:
Product rotary joint is without any dynamic gaskets (mechanical seal by means of ceramic plates).
Servo-controlled filling valves (pre-evacuation, gas injection and filling are controlled by electro-valves in Profibuss) type Ultra Clean without dynamic gaskets, just equipped with one membrane in GMS completely sanitizable.
Vaporization possibility.
Possibility to sanitize with hot water, water and additives ((i.e. Oxonya …) WITHOUT DUMMY BOTTLES with obvious reduction of times and elimination of re-contamination risk when the operator gets in touch with valves during dummy bottles removal.
Product tank COMPLETELY DRAINABLE thanks to swell bottom.
Spray ball into product tank to achieve a good efficiency of mechanical removal inside the area where there is product level during production phase
Automatic sanitization cycles of all circuits by system STEP BY STEP (product line, vacuum line, self-levelling line then spray balls … again product line, vacuum line and so on…). This special system realized by Matrix allows to exclude any kind of risk that usually incur when all the circuits are washed simultaneously, or that any secondary circuits are not well sanitized.
Inclined basement that assure total liquid drainage and machine easy cleaning
Vacuum group totally sanitizable using liquid ring pump completely in s/s.
Capper integration during sanitization phase with hot water
How is it possible to reduce O2 quantity during filling?
Servo-controlled filling valves allow to obtain oxygen reductions inside empty bottles (possibility to have 1-2-3 vacuum phases). Max. value of oxygen absorbption 0,1 ppm. Pre-evacuation under cap before capping is foreseen.
How is it possible to handle many bottles sizes and many types of wines?
Matrix’s password is FLEXIBILITY:
- Pre-evacuation and filling times called by recipe achieving the maximum performances with every bottle size;
- Quick change-over sizes.
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