MATRIX srl - established on 2004 by Mr Manghi Andrea
after more than 15 years of experience in the beverages bottling field.
The Matrix’s mission is to give a solid presence overall to wine bottlers with two main product lines.
From the beginning the company’s focus are the project, the design and the manufacturing of new-generation filling systems particularly applied to wines and distillates fields.

The project comes up thanks to the closed co-operation of some wine bottlers, to whom Matrix has tried to give the best solutions to cope with the ordinary inconveniences, which happen inside a winery.
MATRIX production range includes (1000 to 8000 BPH):
•  Rinsers
•  Free-standing fillers or combined in block with rinser and/or cappers
•  Cappers able to apply any kind of closure
•  Carbonators
•  Manual and automatic wine filtering groups
•  Warmers/Coolers
•  Bottles & crates/packs conveyors systems
•  Lines automations
•  Turn-key plants design & supply
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