Turnkey bottling line, for water and carbonated soft drinks, output 12.000 bph

Customer: Acqua-Vait – Russia
Year: 2014 glass line – 2015 pet line
Filler: TECNA ISO V 40/50/8/8 for glass – TECNA ISO P 40/50/8 fro PET
Processing equipment: PROMIX ADS 6 for glass – PROMIX ADS 15 for PET
Product: Still and cabonate dwater, carbonated soft drinks

Aqua-Vait is a leading company in Russia providingwater and soft drinks for the domestic market with a growing turnover for exports.
From the layout development to the final start-up of the lines, 12.000 bph of production, Matrix engineering service supported the customer from design to the construction of a fully automatic bottling plant for water and non-alcoholic beverages.
The two new Matrix lines allowed the customer to increase the monthly production from 3.000.000 bottles to almost 10.000.000 bottles a month.