Sector: Carbonated water, Carbonated Soft DrinksTechnology: Beverage processingPackaging: Glass, PET, Cans


PROMIX is a continuous mixing unit for the automatic production of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. The system is based on stage of water deareation, by vacuum pump liquid ring, combined with the latest technologies of mixing and carbonation field: static and dynamic mixers guarantees high quality standards of the final product
The system processes 3 components (Syrup, Water & CO2) that are dosed by a high-precision flow meter, mixed in line and at the end stored in a final buffer tank.
The system consists of different sections:
– Water deaeration unit under high vacuum atmosphere;
– Water dosage unit using magnetic flowmeter;
– Characteristic syrup buffering tank;
– Characteristic syrup dosage unit using mass flowmeter;
– Carbon dioxide dosage unit using mass flowmeter;
– Buffer tank for final product As additional equipment are available: plate heat exchanger for product cooling, monitoring and adjustment of °Bx and CO2 in the product, modem connection for the remote maintenance possibility.


Production of Still and Carbonated Soft Drinks, Carbonated water & Fruit juice.


Various model available from 2.500 up to 40.000 l/h.

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