Sector: Beer and Cider, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Ready to drink and JuiceTechnology: Beverage processingPackaging: Glass, PET, Cans


PROTHERM is the system suitable for the thermal treatment of drinks or concentrates which can include deaeration, homogenization and pasteurization of the product according to the type of machine required. The system interfaces perfectly with the filling line and the pasteurization temperature is easily adjustable via the operator interface. PROTHERM allows the possibility of pasteurizing beer (PROTHERM B), flat drinks (PROTHERM P) and also offers the possibility of hot filling with a recirculated product management and recovery system (PROTHERM HF). The system is equipped with plate heat exchangers, suitable for products with low content of pulp or fibers, and, thanks to the heat recovery system, allows an excellent energy yield.


Thermal treatment of syrup or ready to drink, beer or hot filled juice.


Various models available from up to 40.000 l/h of finished drink.

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