Sectors: Carbonated Water, Still Water, Sparkling Wine, Still Wine, Beer and Cider, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Ready to drink and Juice, SpiritsTechnology: Drying SystemsPackaging: Glass, PET, Cans


Matrix Drying system is designed to dry the container in order to achieve correct labeling and packaging performances, to be not compromised by water used in the packaging process.
Matrix Dryer, if properly sized, can guarantee moisture removal avoiding problems with sleeve labeling, paper or OPP roll fed labeling, also thanks the bottles neck drying.
Available in different configurations (models from 1 to 6 blowers) to suit the major drying problems in the Beverage industries.
The bottles are blown and dried by suitably positioned and programmed air knife at 0,12 bar pressure. The air is produced by blowers mounted inside the machine base and it becomes warm by compression, reaching approximately 45-50°C.


Drying systems for PET, Glass and Cans bottling lines.


Various model are available from 1 up to 6 blowers for line speeds from 3.000 to 50.000 BPH.

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