Sector: Spirits, Ready to drinkTechnology: Filling systemsPackaging: Glass


STELLA RDI is the mechanical filling system , low vacuum, suitable for spirits or ready to drink in glass bottles. The bottle, positioned under the filling valve thanks to the lifting jacks, closes the valve and the vacuum in the container allows the filling to start without the need for any mechanical drive. The filling system is single tube, of small diameter, which avoid possible damages of the neck bottle in case of accidental contact with the valve. The accuracy of the fill level is guaranteed by the self-leveling system which, once filled the container, putting the head space at atmospheric pressure allows the light vacuum to suck the excess product recovering it in the product tank. The extremely versatile filling system allows, thanks to the recipes memorized in the PLC, great ease in changes due to different products. The format changes are quick and with reduced intervention times: for a greater flexibility the automatic system for the centralized adjustment of the fill level, can also be provided.


Low vacuum filling in glass bottles.


Fillers from 12 to 110 valves that, depending on the type of product to be treated, could fill up to 40.000 bottles/hour.

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