Sector: Ready to drink and JuiceTechnology: Filling systemsPackaging: Glass, PET


TECNA HF-VP is the electropneumatic hot filling solution suitable for still beverages, in glass and PET bottles, with controlled recycling in the filling valve to maintain the filling temperature (85-89°C). The filling valve, electropneumatic controlled, is by level, short tube of small diameter, to avoid damages to bottles necks. The product to be filled can be deflected into the container by a swirl system, at the same time the inflowing product displaces the air in the bottle, which is returned to the filling tank through the vent tube. Each filling valve is equipped with a pneumatic recirculation valve with a teflon membrane which allows, in the event of lowering of the temperature, to recirculate the product directly, keeping it warm. In the case of continuous and constant production, the recirculation valves are closed ensuring a zero recirculation flow rate. The interface with the product pasteurizer is easy and the architecture with an external buffer tank for the product allows to avoid the process stop in case of speed fluctuations or short stops of the line. The possibility to have a light vacuum filling also allows to fill products with higher density. The extremely versatile filling system allows, thanks to the recipes memorized in the PLC, great ease in the changes due to the different products. The format changes are quick and with reduced intervention times: for a greater flexibility the automatic system for the centralized adjustment of the fill level, can also be provided. A special bottles lifter, minimizing the format change over time, allows to handle glass bottles on the base and pet bottles by means of neck support.


Hot Fill of juice and Ready to Drink (Fruit Juice, Energy Drinks & Tea) in glass and PET bottles.


Fillers from 12 to 110 valves that, depending on the type of product to be treated, could fill up to 40.000 bottles/hour.

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