Sector: Carbonated Water, Still Water, Sparkling Wine, Still Wine, Beer and Cider, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Ready to drink and JuiceTechnology: Filling systemsPackaging: Cans


TECNA ISO-C FM is the isobaric, volumetric filling system with electropenumatically controlled valve suitable for filling of carbonated or non carbonated drinks in cans. The cans are placed under the filling valve without the traditional lifting system: it is the filling valve which, by lowering, guarantees a good sealing between can and filling valve. After the flushing phase with gas and next pressurization, the product valve opens and the product flows along the can wall, thus allowing gentle and no foam filling. Once the quantity of product, set in the recipe, has been delivered, the magnetic flowmeter closes the valve. After a settling phase, the decompression valve reduces the pressure in the head space of the can (even in multiple stages) and, after lifting the valve, the container can be transferred to the seamer. The versatile filling system allows, thanks to the recipes memorable in the PLC, great flexibility in the changes due to different products or different levels of carbonation. The format changes are quick with reduced intervention times for different can formats and no part of the filling valve to be replaced in the case of different lids (200,202 or 206).


Cold filling in cans of carbonated beverages (Beer, CSD or Carbonated Water) and non carbonated beverages (to be verified on the basis of the characteristics of the product necessary treatments). On request, as an option, the configuration is available for Hot Fill (85° C) with product recirculation, suitable for handling non-pasteurized still drinks like Ready To Drink or Energy Drinks.


Fillers from 8 to 90 valves that, depending on the type of prod-uct to be treated, could fill from 3.500 to 54.000 cans/hour.

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