Sector: Carbonated Water, Beer and Cider, Carbonated DrinksTechnology: Filling systemsPackaging: Glass


TECNA ISO-V is the electro-pneumatic filling solution suitable for filling carbonated drinks in glass bottles. A quick selection of the filling recipes, by operator touch screen, also allows different steps of pre-evacuation phases. After bottle pressurization the filling valve will open and the product can flow, thanks also to a swirl system, along the bottle wall, thus allowing a gentle and no foam filling.
The inflowing product displaces the gas in the bottle, which returnes to the filling tank through the vent tube and when the level in the bottle comes to close the vent tube, the filling stops and the filling valve closes again.
The self level correction system, if present, optimizes the accuracy of the fill level in case of narrow bottle neck. After a settling phase, the snifting valve reduces the pressure in the bottle neck (can be also multiple stages) and than the container leaves the filling machine. The extremely versatile filling system allows, thanks to the recipes memorized in the PLC, great ease in changes due to different products or different carbonation levels. The format changes are quick and with reduced intervention times: for a greater flexibility the automatic system for the centralized adjustment of the fill level, can also be provided.


Filling in glass bottles of carbonated beverages: beer and cider, carbonated soft drinks, carbonated water.


Fillers from 12 to 110 valves that, depending on the type of product to be treated, could fill up to 40.000 bottles/hour.

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